Your Deliverability Defense Team

You are not delivering 100% of your emails. Some are bouncing or vanishing.
It happens to every marketer, every day, without exception.

Your email vendor has no time to find and fix the issues causing your poor deliveries.
Our job is to examine, fix, and maintain over 1,271 elements to keep your mail flowing freely.
We work with every email vendor, every gateway, and every email service, every day.

Our Services Success Stories

Give Your Marketing Worries To Us.
Good things happen when
we get involved.

If you haven't used this service before, there is almost a 100.0% chance your deliverability is suffering. Most marketers get the feeling that "something just isn't right" but they can't put their finger on it. They see their campaign stats and know it could be better. Where is the problem? It could It could be weak deliverability due to a DNS issue, a low response rate because of a latency issue, some bad addresses getting onto a list and causing an IRR flag, etc. Can you search the 850+ sites that might be causing the problem? We can, and we do this 24/7 for our clients. These problems happen to every professional marketing team and if left unchecked the problems could escalate and waste thousands of dollars per month or even cause thousands of subscribers to leave. Our job is to prevent that and give you the best possible shot at peak performance

Think of us as the "eye in the sky" that watches over your day-to-day operations while helping increase ROI by giving you the tools and services needed to get the job done right. Our clients find improvements starting within a week and after a month they look back in amazement knowing all the fixes, patches, and performance suggestions they received. It's your turn to be part of that success.

Deliverability Boost

This is our flagship service. No company on Earth provides these comprehensive services to keep your mail flowing so freely.

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List Resurrection

Those inactive, graylist, or non-responders are there for a reason. Let us bring them back to life using our innovative methods that are proven to work.

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Tools/Services for Marketers

Keep your list clean, monitor your reputation, compare lists, perform split-click tracking, watch for technical issues, and much more.

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Deliverability Boost

This is our flagship service. If you have not done a true end-to-end technology analysis of your marketing campaigns, now is the time to start. Every marketing department has email delivery issues and many do not have the time or knowledge of what to check, where to look, and who to contact to get it fixed. We do. Regardless of how many places you check for blocks, graylists, blacklists, reputation hits, etc. you are very likely overlooking 800+ other places (literally).


Many ISP-level blacklists are not public and even if you found them you need an ASN to establish a dialog with the administrator. This holds true for hundreds of similar services. Without credentials, and without being considered an ISP (or having ISP-type credentials) your requests for assistance will be routed to /dev/null (nowhere). Our team spent thirty years building relationships, integrations, and monitors to uncover things that most never even dream of finding. There are also hundreds of non-block-related services that have to be checked and monitored around the clock in order to achieve free-flowing deliverability. Checking the public block monitors is nice but that's about 5% of the real world. We use our decades-long experience in this field and find, fix, and help you prevent problems from returning. You can sign-up for 3 months or 12 months (12 months gives you the year-round full-service protection) where we be your eyes and ears for deliverability. To this day there are up to 1,271 different checks that we will do around the clock and if any one of those even slightly goes out of the parameters we set - we alert you and immediately get to work to fix the problem.

Examples of checks that impact your deliverability but nobody checks are 18 active DNS checks, 27 passive DNS checks, round-robin latency analysis, active website security reviews (all URLs), ISP hold-up/hold-back events, image blacklist monitoring, HTML title corruption, binary character #1 issues, 3rd party site malware, improper SSL configuration, load balancer errors, and literally hundreds of other single and multiple-issue/system/service checks, around the clock, all of which can cause deliverability issues.

Real Analysis By Real Engineers.

Having automated tools and procedures to help you maximize your inbox potential is one thing but there are many things that relate to how you grow your list only a human can do. For example, is it easy to subscribe or unsubscribe and how long does it take to do so? or Is the sign-up process smooth or are there snags in the process? and what happens after the user subscribes? all of these things are part of the ListWorker service and we watch them around the clock.

You will not find this level of monitoring and analysis anywhere else on Earth - only Listworker has it.

List Resurrection.

We all know that sending email to the same list over and over again for years on end eventually creates non-responsive addresses. Those are people who don't engage at all, they don't bounce, they don't complain, they don't unsubscribe, and basically they sit on your list as a dead weight which only costs you money. You don't want to delete them because they may buy something some day. What to do? Our list resurrection service will reach out to people you consider inactive and will get them to re-engage or get them off your list. Turn those inactive subscribers back into openers and clickers.


Using innovative and very advanced technologies (that are only found at ListWorker), we reach out to those non-responders, inactive or graylisted addresses and get a conclusive answer if they want back in to become a regular member of your list, or want off your list. There is no sense in sending emails to subscribers that have lost interest and don't want to push the unsubscribe button. At the same time there is almost always a situation where your ESP may be blocked from sending emails to a certain domain and when we contact those inactive subscribers from that domain - they almost always immediately respond with "we've been wondering why those emails stopped coming in." - that's music to our ears because that means there are many subscribers that love your mailings but simply stopped hearing from you because your ESP was blocked. We make sure that the blocking issues are fixed as well.

Addresses that Always Open, Click, and Respond

Need some unique email addresses that always click on links or open your emails? For marketers that want to make sure their processes are flowing properly this can be a lifesaver. These days marketers are pushing mail out so fast that they often don't have time to check their messages for proper link formatting. With this service we will give you seed addresses (unique to your business only) that always respond. Put 2+2 together and you'll understand the true value of this service.

But wait...there's more! Need to change those addresses every month? No sweat, we offer brand new addresses for only $595 per change (up to 10 seeds). That means your seed addresses will change throughout the year so you can verify your mail is (a) getting delivered, and (b) getting responses/engagements. We understand the importance of having engaged subscribers on your list and will work with you to make sure you know your mail is getting through.



Priced affordably to keep your marketing on the right path.

Most companies miss many sales due to a misconfiguration, block, reputation issue, 3rd party score, or hundreds of other technical mishaps. Our service is priced to get your marketing train back on the tracks and keep you there for the long term. We don't just fix problems, we educate you on best practices, teach your IT team what not to do, and give you a sense of well-being knowing that we have your back. When you have a heart problem you don't go to a back-alley doctor, you go to the best. The same applies for improving your deliverability - it takes real professionals to uncover what everyone overlooks.


Delivery Boost (DB)


The gold standard of deliverability monitoring, mitigation, reputation repair, and IP and service monitoring. Every marketing department has email delivery issues and many IT departments have website or technical issues that cause email delivery issues. It's about a 1-in-3 ratio for companies in the US and overseas. That means for every three companies that conduct email marketing or have a website, one of them has issues severe enough that they are leaving money on the table and not effectively selling via the 'net. We fix that. The Delivery boost service (or "DB" for short) is the most comprehensive service of its kind anywhere on Earth. With over 1,271 separate moving parts being monitored, maintained, and tracked, this service will dig deep to find every possible issue, large or small, and will resolve it to make sure your campaigns, website, corporate network, and everything in-between is operationally sound and correctly configured. You could have the most brilliant IT department in the world but we bet they are not checking 1,271 or more data points to give you the delivery and IT performance needed to effectively market your products.


Deliverability Boost Pricing
(Prices listed are monthly rates)


Option #1: Comprehensive Review


If you just want to to have the problems found and fixed, and to learn what to avoid in the future, this is plan for you. This is a one-time-fee service that will do a 30-day deep-dive into the technical side of your marketing operations and will get our hands on the issues and resolve them. Many of our clients choose this as their first step into the process to improve their response rate and get the complete picture of where they stand with deliverability. After they see the fantastic improvements most clients sign-up for the annual service. This 30-day comprehensive review covers over 1,200 differernt data points and we ALWAYS find issues. We fix them too! Some problems we find may be extensive but we will put you on the best path to success in a very short amount of time.


Monthly Volume
(emails sent)
Your Cost
0 - 100,000$750.00
100,000 - 1,000,000$1400.00
1,000,001 - 10,000,000$2000.00
10,000,001 - 100,000,000$2500.00
100million+Email us


Option #2: Our Annual Pricing Plan.


If you want us to watch-your-back and uncover the issues causing you deliverability pain on a long-term basis - this plan is for you. Use the above table and deduct 20% from the monthly cost. That will be your monthly fee for 365 x 24/7 service. We recommend the the annual plan if you are tired of guessing about your deliverability week after week, month after month. We will watch your back throughout the year and will provide updates, tips, and will handle as much of the block or deliverability mitigation as humanly possible (sometimes an ISP or corporate admin may need to chat with you about the issue the are having).



List Resurrection (LR)


Here is how it works: Using all available social media platforms including messenger, new and old technologies, We handle all correspondence with your inactive or unresponsive subscribers. These subscribers may have gone months or even years without engaging with any of your messages (email, social, etc.). Our job is to use innovative and often overlooked techniques to reach out and touch that individual and gently convince them to get their subscrpition active again. There is never any hard-sell type of method used. You create the message you want to send and we will make suggestions as-needed to give that message the best shot at reaching your inactive subscribers.


Once you approve the campaign, we then get to work and start communicating with those subscribers using our unique three-stage process. Since these are your subscribers, the methods we use make the communication appear to come from you directly. This is the best way to keep the subscribers trust. Note: This is not email marketing or anything even close to it. This is subscriber re-engagement which is a completely different type of communication technique. We will attempt to reach those subscribers three (3) times for this process.


Pricing example: Let's say you have a list of 25,000 inactive subscribers (people who have not opened or done anything with your messages in a while). We would send those subscribers a message (that you create) which invites them to click on a link to say they want back on your list. You only pay a per-click fee when a subscriber clicks on that link. That link usually is a "yes, I want back on the list" type of engagement request. You can work your message any way you wish. Of those 25,000 we mailed, let's say 500 of those subscribers click on the re-engagement link. You would pay us $1500 ($3 x 500) for the re-engaged subscribers. All new per-click resurrection accounts have a $295 one-time setup fee to create the account.
We also have a flat-rate option which means you only pay a one time fee for to use our list resurrection service.


List Resurrection Pricing


List Size
< 100,000$3.00
< 1,000,000$2.50
< 10,000,000$1.50
$295 one-time setup fee
List Size
< 100,000$595
< 1,000,000$2,595
< 10,000,000$9,995
No setup fee


Success Stories

We get a real thrill when we hear our clients say they are seeing results. It's just so rewarding to know our hard work is paying off. The same holds true for you, too. When you become a client, chances are pretty good you will be seeing the same results as shown below.


The Missing Messages


This client came to us knowing there was something wrong but did not have the time, nor the knowledge of where the problem was. They signed up for our three month tune-up service and we went to work immediately. Within five minutes after they submitted all the details on their company and marketing campaigns we spotted the problem. It was fairly well hidden so most people would overlooked it and kept searching for months. We contacted the 3rd party blacklist administrator and worked things out to give the client free-flowing mail again. Within just two days the client was seeing open rates skyrocket and new orders come in. What a great feeling it is to be able to help clients this fast and this substantially. In addition to finding the cause of the bigger issue, we found a half-dozen other issues which only made things even better. The client then signed up for our comprehensive annual service and is enjoying the 24x7x365 support.


The ISP That Would Not Listen


We hear this complaint all the time and it's usually about one of the big five online services that just won't fix a block no matter how hard the sender tries. We were contacted by this client on a weekend and the client was in a panic. They sent a mailing the prior week and they included the wrong list with the mailing and complaints rolled in. The same day that happened a major ISP decided to "dim" their reputation and inbox deliveries. The client contacted the ISP a half-dozen times and tried to explain the problem but the ISP did not budge, the dimming continued. Soon after, the client was seeing a 30% drop in open rates and sales went to the floor. Not good! The client knew they have been having problems for years so they signed up with our comprehensive annual service and we immediately got to work. Our first task was to smooth out the wrinkle with the ISP, and we did. The next day the primary issue was resolved and the open rates went back to "normal" (for them). But we were suspicious as the "normal" open rate seemed pretty low. Our deliverability team ran an end-to-end scan on the client and found several glaring issues that would cause weak inbox deliveries and heavy junking. We raised the issues with the client and worked with them and their technical team to resolve them. Within two weeks their open rates had jumped by 40% and they were seeing a strong flow of visitors to their website. Since the client was on our comprehensive service we helped fine-tune their campaigns, procedures, and technical setup throughout the year and provided ISP mitigation as needed. The client was overjoyed, and still is, and we are happy for them.


The "Something is wrong, I can feel it" clients.


This is another common phrase we hear. Many marketers just don't have the time, patience, and experience to look everywhere to find out if there are problems with their campaign. Their ESP says things are fine, and their seed addresses are fine, but they feel something is off, but what is it? They checked all the blacklists, whitelists, bounces, etc. but something just doesn't seem right with the campaign results. Our chief investigators love this kind of task because it does take very intensive analysis, scans, ISP consultations, etc. It took several days and several dozen sample mailings until the problems started to appear. We found the client had several of the newer "smoldering traps" which don't do anything until several days of receiving messages. After reviewing the clients mailing list and the subscriber history we were able to find the trap. They signed up for the comprehensive service to leave all that hard deliverability work to us - and we are happy to do it.


More success stories are available.


Other success stories are available. Please let us know your troubles and we can likely find a perfect matching story that shows the resolution.

Our commitment is to you

We are overjoyed when we see a customer go from "average" success to "outstanding" success. Our only job is to put every service, every tool, and every hand on your task to give you true success. We are confident you will have a "wow" moment soon after joining. ListWorker is more than the top service firm for marketers, we are here to educate you, our client, on best practices and upcoming technologies so you can have the knowledge needed to stay ahead of your competition.